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Why BG Badminton Academy?


Effective Methodology 


BG Teaching System


We have an effective system to conduct ALL badminton lessons.




Our proven system ensures rapid progress and lots of fun. We have a strong track record of developing National Shuttlers and helping our students gain admission into the most selective schools in Singapore. We deliver results and save you countless frustrations from poor performance.

We believe that everyone is talented in different ways, and there are many paths to greatness. You are unique and all lessons are customized to your personal goals and preferences. 

Whether you are a recreational or a competitive player,  our approach ensures that you meet your goals.




Only coaches who have met our standards are selected. Our coaches are typically former National Youth Players who are passionate about developing others. They are committed to your satisfaction.

Our coaches want you to have a great time too! Want to learn how to do a smash shot just to look cool? Just say it and they’ll be so excited to teach you!




Need help at any time outside class? Simply reach out to our friendly and growing community on Facebook or WhatsApp.

Want more information? Look at our informative articles and join our 3,200 subscribers on our entertaining YouTube Channel.


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Why Are We Here?


Hi there!

I’m Gerald Ong and I am the second-generation owner of BG Badminton Academy. My father, Louis Ong, is a passionate badminton coach and founded BG Academy in 2003. I’m proud to say that BG Academy has the most talented and dedicated coaches in Singapore – we’ve trained more than 1,000 students and developed many high-profile athletes.

It was not all smooth-sailing for us. We’ve been through many challenges, but never gave up, keeping the passion for badminton burning strong.

In my experience as a National Shuttler, I’ve been through so many training methods – some were effective, many were not, and some were downright painful. For many years, I refined the The BG Academy System™ to what it is today – a fun and effective system to bring out your full potential.

Badminton has been my life, and I want to ignite the passion for the sport in you.



Gerald Ong

National Shuttler 2014

SEA Games Bronze Medalist 2011 


Learn More About My Story and Passion 



Many Locations and Timeslots


Preferred Schedule Calendar


We offer Private & Group lessons at various places and timings for your convenience. We are also opening up at new locations to give you more choices. 


Flexible Timings and Locations


Our classes are very flexible. You can easily switch between group classes that fit your schedule. Private training offers full flexibility to accommodate your preferences for location and timing.  

Join us today to make new friends who are passionate about badminton, improve your skills, and have fun!

Contact us to enquire about your preferences today!



# 1 Badminton School to Guarantee Results

100% money back guarantee

We are so confident that our system will work for you. We are fully committed to your satisfaction and meeting your goals in badminton.

100 % Guarantee You’ll Improve in 1 Month or Your Money Back



FREE Consultation


To show that we are absolutely sincere in helping you achieve your best, we offer Free Consultation over the phone with no obligation to join us!

Call / WhatsApp us Today at 9632 5481



What Our Trainees Say

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Badminton Coaching Career Singapore


Greeting to all badminton coaches and aspiring coaches! 
If you have the skills, the passion, and the desire to develop great badminton players, we welcome you to join our growing badminton community!
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