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Are you looking for group badminton training for adults? Or badminton coaching for kids? We have various group coaching sessions around Singapore to meet your needs. 

Our talented coaches are equipped for all levels of play. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an aspiring National Badminton Champion, we will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s just one of the many exciting skills you’ll learn.


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Group Badminton Training Class


Group Badminton Coaching


Have you ever experienced training in a group? It’s a great way to learn! Have fun playing in a group and get to know others who are passionate about badminton. Be motivated by seeing how your peers pick up new skills quickly and measure your progress weekly by playing with them.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach for the group. We care about your personal needs and progress.

Our dedicated badminton coaches will design a personalized development plan for you to achieve your goals in badminton – whether you are a beginner just figuring out how to get started, an intermediate player looking to train for your first competition, an aspiring national player, or playing purely just to keep fit and have fun. 

Everyone is talented in different ways, and our BG Academy System™ will bring out your full potential.


What Goes On During Group Badminton Coaching?


Benefits of Group Badminton Coaching


– Having peers of similar standards to spar with 

– Flexible timings, locations, and payment options


Limitation of A Group Badminton Class


– More challenging to catch up in particular weak areas


Beginners Group Badminton Class – 2 Hour Sample Lesson Plan



7pm to 9pm Class

Group Badminton Training Program 

7pm to 7.15pm (15 Minutes)  Warm up (e.g. Dynamic warm ups, Play using half the court, Jogging) 


7.15pm to 7.30pm  (15 Minutes)  Basic Footwork Exercises (e.g. Front-Back footwork, Front two footwork)


7.30pm to 8.15pm  (45 minutes)  Basic Skills (e.g. Lifting in both front, netting etc). Integrated Technique, Strategy and Physical Training. Our methods combine the Technical, Physical and Strategic requirements of badminton to parallel realistic gameplay where quality and effectiveness of training are not compromised. 


8.15pm to 8.30pm  (15 minutes)  Individualized skill training – Students discuss the techniques that they wish to refine with the coaches and proceed to work on them.  


8.30pm to 9pm (30 minutes)   Match play with strategic guidance



Intermediate Group Badminton Class – 2 Hour Sample Lesson Plan



7pm to 9pm Class

Group Badminton Training Program 

7pm to 7.15pm (15 Minutes)  Warm up (e.g. Dynamic warm ups, Play using half the court, jogging) 
7.15pm to 7.30pm   (15 Minutes)  Intermediate Footwork (e.g. Random Footwork, Full-court Footwork, Doubles Footwork Exercises) 
7.30pm to 8.15pm  (45 minutes) 

Higher level basics (e.g. Randomized front court shots, net/flick etc). Advanced drills (e.g. Offensive combination drills, defensive agility). Our drills leverage upon the students’ understanding of the game, allowing them to formulate game winning strategies while still sharpening their individual techniques and mental acuity. 

8.15pm to 8.30pm   (15 minutes) 

Individualized skill training – Students discuss the techniques that they wish to refine with the coaches and proceed to work on them.  

8.30pm to 9pm (30 minutes)   Match play with strategic guidance 


From learning about the rules, to aiming to master advanced technical and strategic skills, students who attend group classes have differing goals and varying degrees of competencies.  

Our talented badminton coaches will provide optimal coaching methods to achieve individual goals and overcome the difficulties and challenges that students may face. 

Group badminton lessons comprise four to six students in a class. Lessons are tailored to the competencies of the students, optimized for fast, easy and enjoyable progressive training suited to the needs of the students.  

We have comprehensive methods to solidify basic skills and techniques, while at the same time catering to individual aims and goals. 


Having Peers of Similar Standards to Spar With 


Sparring is crucial. Sparring with players of similar standards but who use various play styles will foster adaptability, and provide a realistic opportunity to test your abilities. Especially if you want to excel in competitions, exposure to a wide variety of playing styles is absolutely essential. 

Group badminton classes are an excellent avenue to learn from a diverse group of players with different strengths, techniques, and playing styles.


Flexible Locations, Timings and Payment Options


We understand that you have a busy schedule and there will be times when you are not able to attend a training session. For your convenience, we offer flexibility in timings, locations and payment options. 

We have many locations around Singapore for you to choose from. You can join any group class during the week, and make payment for that session only. We make it easy for you to join classes whenever you want. Different locations have different coaches as well, so feel free to try out more classes to see which ones you prefer.  

Attending different classes also gives you the opportunity to spar with another group of players, further improving your experience with a wide variety of playing styles. 

Our friendly coaches will always be on hand to guide you and determine the best pairings to help you as you progress.


More Challenging to Catch Up in Particular Weak Areas


Given that the class of 4 to 6 players is allocated approximately 15 minutes of individualized skill training, the coach needs to allow sufficient time to conduct this segment. It is thus more challenging to catch up in particularly lacking areas such as backhand techniques and net shots, which require substantial instruction times. 

If there are one or more areas that you wish to pursue in greater detail and that require significantly more time in personal guidance, there may not be enough time during a group class. 

In such cases, private badminton coaching would be an excellent supplement to the group class. 


Group Badminton Coaching 


Time Each Session

Fee Schedule

Each Session 2 Hours 30
12 Sessions 2 Hours 300

(If you sign up for 10 sessions, you get 2 sessions for Free!)


To ensure your training is effective, we aim to keep the group small at 4 to 5 players, with a maximum of 6 players. If there are only two players for a particular group session, the session will be considered a Private Group session and changed to a one-hour duration.

For your convenience, you can make payment each session, so you can attend classes that suit your schedule that week. 

Don’t you get annoyed when you see a good price and find out later about other fees you have to pay? Registration fees, admin fees, hotel safe fees, charges for warm water, and all you can imagine. We don’t like that too. So at BG Badminton Academy, what you see is all there is. There will be no surprises later.


Venues for Group Badminton Training in Singapore



  •         Toa Payoh
  •         Yishun
  •         Sembawang



  •         Bukit Panjang
  •         Bukit Batok
  •         Choa Chu Kang



  •         Eunos
  •         Tampines



  •         Pek Kio (Near Farrer Park MRT)
  •         Cairnhill (Near Newton MRT)


Training Level 
Mon  Pek Kio CC 

(Near Farrer Park MRT)

7:30 – 9:30pm  Intermediate 
Tue  Toa Payoh West CC 

(Near Toa Payoh MRT)

8 – 10pm  Intermediate 
Wed  Nee Soon East CC 

(Near Yishun MRT)

7:30 – 9:30pm   Intermediate 
Sat  Pek Kio CC 

(Near Farrer Park MRT)

7:30 – 9:30pm  Beginner 
Sun   Tampines West CC 

(Near Tampines MRT)

9 – 11am  Beginner 
Sun   Senja Cashew CC  

(Near Bukit Panjang MRT and Senja LRT)

10:30 – 12:30am  Intermediate 


We will do our best to secure the same venue weekly. If the badminton court is not available, we will find alternative training venues within the same area for your convenience.

Good news! We are opening classes in more areas around Singapore. Give us a call or WhatsApp message to enquire about new classes at your preferred locations.

Join our group badminton coaching classes today. Contact Us now to start your progress in badminton!


Call / WhatsApp Message: 9632 5481



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