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In this page, we’ll cover the necessary basics to quickly get started in a proper game of Badminton. First I’d like you to understand that most people take quite a few sessions to remember all the rules so do not be too hard on yourself if you forget! (Especially when your friends put you down for not knowing the rules)

Objective of the Game

The objective is to get to 21 points first! You get a point when…

  • Your opponent’s shuttle hits the net
  • Your opponent is unable to return the shuttle
  • Your opponent hits the shuttle out of the boundaries!
  • Your opponent got a fault (E.g Touching the net during the rally, hitting the shuttle twice, Fault Service)

Know that every mistake is a point earned! (Whoops, no room for errors here!)

Types of event

There are 5 categories in Badminton

  • Man or Woman Singles
  • Men or Women or Mixed Doubles

Setting up

Badminton Posts

The picture is self-explanatory~

Photo Credit: http://www.alphabeteducation.co.uk/sports-equipment/sports/badminton-posts/prod_26.html

Who serve’s first?

This can be solved using rock paper scissors or tossing the shuttle, and whoever it point towards will serve.

How Scores are Counted

For scoring system, you need to understand there are Points and Sets.

Badminton is played best of 3 sets, each set lasting 21 points.

An exception to this is when there is a deuce; when the score reaches 20-20. When this happens, the first person to have a two-point lead wins. E.g 24-22, 25-27. The deuce has a cutoff point at 30, meaning the closest set would be a 29-30 score.

Next, you need to understand

1) The winner of the rally serves for the next rally (And his score will be said first, Eg 1 – 0)

2) Service in badminton are all diagonal, refer to the diagram below

3) When facing the net, even numbers(0, 2, 4, 14, 20) serves from the right

4) When facing the net, odd numbers(1, 3, 5, 9, 19) serves from the left

What are the Lines for?

The lines mark the Boundaries of the court, below are two diagrams — one for singles, the other for doubles– I’ve made to help you understand better.

The ‘In’ and ‘Out’ of a badminton court can be seen in a diagram below!

Simplified Court Boundary in Badminton

– Red areas are out-of-bounds

– Yellow areas are out-of-bounds for singles only

– All service are diagonal (right to right, left to left)

– All service must pass the short service line

– Doubles have a small service area (notice the nearer long service line for doubles)

Now… I want you to quickly re-read all those points above because I’m going to give you a mini quiz! Well if you don’t understand you can always refer back to the top! Post your answers in the comment section below!

Quiz Time!

1) What happens if I hit the shuttle into the net?

a) My opponent gets a point

b) I get a point

c) Nothing happens!

2) Which category has a bigger court boundary? (Exclude service)

a) Singles!

b) Doubles!

3) When does the game end?

a) When the time is up

b) When someone reaches 21 points

c) Until someone gets tired

4) Where do I stand (Facing the net) to serve when the score is 17?

a) Left

b) Right

5) When my opponent is serving, and the score is 9 – 10, where do I stand?

a) Left

b) Right

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