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Basic Badminton gripping techniques

Over here I will cover different basic badminton techniques and what they’re for. As you progress, future techniques will build upon these basic strokes.

Here’s a simple table breakdown of alfsl the techniques. badminton has techniques that can be classified into four different areas.

  • Serve ~ The first swing that starts the rally
  • Front Court ~ Near the net
  • Mid Court ~ The center of the court or the sides of the center e.g side defend
  • Rear Court ~ The techniques executed furthest away from the net, also known as baseline

And within each area, there are various skills! Here’s a further breakdown of the different skill set.

Area of the Court

Different Badminton Techniques in that Area

Serve / Service

  • High/Long Serve
  • Short Serve
  • Flick Serve

Front Court

(Also known as Net Play!)

  • Lift / Clear
  • Net Shot
  • Net Kill

Mid Court

  • Block
  • Side Drive Shot
  • Lift / Clear

Rear Court/ Baseline

  • Lob Shot
  • Smash
  • Drop Shot

(Note: For every technique, you can hit straight or cross)

Often while practicing you’ll hear random people, friends or other players giving you advice on how you should execute a particular technique. And my advice is that before you follow or pass up any tips, always rationalize and test its effectiveness or efficiency on the court!

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