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Badminton is an astoundingly dynamic sport enjoyed by millions around the world. To play Badminton at the highest level, athletes are not only required to have great physical capabilities, but also a refined technical prowess accompanied by an astute mind for strategy.

At the professional level, Badminton is a multi-sprint sport consisting rallies lasting an average of 6-8 seconds, with rest periods of about 15 seconds between. Each rally can consist of great bursts of speed, or long slow rallies, usually dictated by the abilities and strategies of opposing players. Yet, badminton has seen rallies lasting longer than two minutes, or even as short as a second. The shortest and longest badminton match ever recorded is 6 minutes, and 2 hours and 4 minutes respectively.

Yet, regardless of whether you are recreational badminton player or a professional athlete, it is easy to understand how dynamic the game can be, and the diverse capabilities that are required of badminton players looking to advance their game.

Badminton requires speed, power, agility, endurance, flexibility, finesse and intellect of both players, where an advantage in either of these attributes can tip the game in one’s favour.

As such, in our Online Badminton Training Section. We hope to be able to equip you with the knowledge to be able to become well-versed in the game of Badminton by providing you concise, comprehensive yet user-friendly guides that will be useful and used by badminton players all around the world in the conquest of better badminton.

Not only do we hope to equip you with the knowledge to develop your badminton game, we also hope to impart the understanding of how each component of training will fit into your training and progress, such that you are able to define and dictate the pace and direction of your training.

Specific Guides For Badminton

Check out our comprehensive guides detailing not only all the different techniques in Badminton, but also method and programs that have been refined over the years by coaches of the BG Badminton Academy so that you can have the most efficient way to perfect them.

Footwork helps keep players grounded and stable in-game. Our guides not only help you develop the groundwork you need for safe and effective movement but also help you understand the theories and variations of footwork, so that you are able to adapt to each situation that requires.

Cardiovascular Training for Badminton

Badminton is a multi-sprint sport that can last up to a duration of two hours. As such, players must be well conditioned in all the energy systems, be it aerobic, aneaerobic or phosphagen-creatine. Our guides will teach you tested ways that will achieve your cardiovascular targets in badminton while discussing what types of detrimental cardiovascular training to avoid in badminton.

Agility Training for Badminton

The multi-directional and fast-paced nature of badminton requires a great level of agility. While improving power and speed will increase overall agility, Our guides prime the athlete/badminton player to make stronger and more efficient neuromuscular responses and prime the body to make faster subconscious decisions when it comes to gameplay.

Strength and Power Training for Badminton

Great feats of power and strength are often seen in this sport with the fastest racket sport reaching projectile speeds of 332km/h. Our Strength and Power guide for badminton is not limited to badminton techniques. It will provide programs to improve jump height, lunge distance and stride speeds and how to condition your muscles to withstand the potentially heavy physical demands of badminton.

Badminton involves more than just a display of physical capabilities. The intellectual prowess of players is put to the test as well. Very much like a combat sport, a player must consider his/her opponent and devise the best strategy at the given circumstances. Our guides will provide frameworks and theories that will guide your the strategist in you along to victory.

Equipping yourself with the right badminton equipment not only enhances your playing experience, it can also enhance your playing performance. Our guides explain the technology that goes behind each and every piece of equipment a badminton player wields.

Compiled Training Guides For Badminton

Beginner Badminton Training

This section is specifically tailored for players who are just starting out or new to Badminton. Feel free to check these guides out should you feel a little unsure of your basics. The guides here are aimed towards developing the core fundamentals to get started in badminton.

This section aims to build basic coordination, ball-sense, and all-around understanding of the techniques and dynamics of the game.

Also, we have put together a guide to help you gain a basic understanding of the minimal equipment needed to start playing badminton.

Also, we have put together a guide to help you gain a basic understanding of the minimal equipment needed to start playing badminton.

Before one can start playing badminton, a few things must be in order. Selecting the right equipment that will suit you can go a long way to boost not only your performance but also comfort when playing.

For a start, there are a few key things that need require some attention:

1. Badminton Shoes
2. Badminton Racket
3. Badminton Shuttles (Coming Soon!)

In essence, we have distilled what you will need to know in terms of equipment for starting out. Should you feel the need to be more prepared when selecting equipment, feel free to browse our comprehensive equipment guides here! (coming soon)

The wide array of badminton techniques is what entices most players to join badminton. The variety of finesse and power shots that can be combined and executed to make a play is impressive.In this beginner’s section, we have compiled and distilled all the Badminton Techniques that will build not only a comprehensive vocabulary of all the basic techniques but also develop the foundation for you in learning future advanced techniques.

In this beginner’s section, we have compiled and distilled all the Badminton Techniques that will build not only a comprehensive vocabulary of all the basic techniques but also develop the foundation for you in learning future advanced techniques.

Basic badminton techniques are defined by three main trajectories in which the shuttlecock/birdy will take when these techniques are executed. In laymen terms, there are the High Shot, Soft Shot and Attacking Shot. These three
These three trajectories can be executed at three different distances from the net: Front Court, Mid Court and Rear Court. This gives a permutation of nine basic techniques, each with a technical name. Along with the opening shot, or the service, there are ten different Basic Badminton Techniques that you are required to learn.

Not all basic techniques are of equal difficulty, as such, we have also arranged them in a recommended order in which they should be learnt. One big tip is not to be discouraged and practice frequently until you have a strong foundation of these techniques before moving on to the intermediate ones.

1. Service (High serve is recommended for a start)

Front-Court Techniques:.
1. Lift (High Shot)
2. Net (Soft Shot)
3. Tap/Net-kill (Attacking Shot)

Mid-Court Techniques
1. Block (Soft Shot)
2. Drive (Attacking Shot)
3. Clear (High Shot)

Rear-Court Techniques:
1. Lob (High Shot)
2. Drop (Soft Shot)
3. Smash (Attacking Shot)

Within each guide, not only will you detailed explanations of each technique but also drills and methods perfected over the years of coaching experience that will help you perfect them.

Basic Badminton Footwork Focuses on navigating the court safely and effectively. Below, we have compiled the two footwork guides that will be necessary for your progress as a beginner:

1. Basic Attacking Footwork
2. Basic Defensive Footwork

The basic attacking footwork and basic defensive footwork will teach you how to navigate the length of the court, and the corners of the court from the center respectively.

While having outstanding footwork can be useful, our biggest advice is to spend more time on other aspects such as technique once you have got the technique down, since the benefit from further improvement of footwork will yield little benefit at this stage.

Basic Physical Conditioning is about preparing the body for repetitive movements such as lunging, jumping, strafing and overhead swinging.

Conditioning the body physically not only improves performance but also prevents injuries. With enhanced physical abilities, players are able to play for longer periods of time while maintaining a high level of enjoyment and improvement. (Coming Soon!)

Understanding how to play may not be enough for some! As such, we have compiled the basic winning strategies to help you understand not only how to play well, but how to play to win. Feel free to check out our beginner’s guide here! (Coming Soon)

The rulebook may seem daunting, but all you really need to know are a few key points. We have distilled the essence of the rules to a few main boundaries of how to make the game minimally playable.

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  1. The Boundaries of the Court/Play Area
  2. The Point System
  3. Common Rules/Faults/Ways to Score points

Intermediate Badminton Training

This section is specifically tailored for players have a good understanding and grasp of the technical, tactical and physical demands of the game.

For players who are unsure of the basic techniques, we strongly recommend that you check out our beginner’s guide first. However, if you are here to find out more about the progression in badminton training, feel free to take a look at these guides.

Intermediate badminton techniques build upon the foundation of the basic techniques, in the following guides, we smash the boundaries of detail when it comes to understanding and perfecting these techniques. 

  1. The spin net
  2. The flick
  3. The push
  4. The punch
  5. The chop/slice
  6. The flicker smash
  7. The long smash

Alongside our guides, we also provide programs that have been refined and tested over the years that will help combine other aspects of training that will boost your technical performance in these areas. Of course, recommendations will be given to vary the difficulty and intensity of these programs so that you are able to progress at our own pace.

At the intermediate level, most players minimall would have a solid foundation in footwork. As such, our guides are primarily focused towards enhancing the speed of your footwork.

At the same time, we will introduce the variations and adaptations of different footwork variations that our coaches and players from our academies have learnt through international competition experiences. These different forms of footwork can be adapted to suit specific needs during gameplay to enhance your own strategy.

Coming Soon!

Physical conditioning for Badminton at the intermediate level involves the continuity of improvement in all core competencies. Whether it is lunging speed, jump height or swinging power, our guides bring you effective methods that have been tested by our players who go on to perform at the international arena.

We recognize that every player is different, and thus would like to empower you to tailor your own programs as you deem necessary. Along with training programs, we will begin to introduce the theories of physical conditioning so that readers are able to understand the ingredients that go into the concoction of training programs.

Coming Soon!

Intermediate strategic guides for badminton progress towards involving particular theories of techniques and understanding of when and why each badminton technique should be used.

Having a detailed breakdown revolving each particular badminton move and situation will result in a much more concise and comprehensive reconstruction of your badminton strategy.

Here, we also begin to teach combinations in doubles and positioning in Singles to help players understand and discuss their roles and capabilities in contributing towards a winning effort.

Coming Soon!

As players progress, they will realise that equipment non-specific to badminton will become a hindrance. Here, we will cover the badminton equipment that will enhance not only the playing experience but also keep you safe!

Coming Soon!

Advanced Badminton Training

This section is for players who have been playing for years and are eager to break the badminton barrier to reach international standards. Our guides provide you with world-level physical, technical and strategic frameworks upon which you can use as tools to perfect your craft at the highest level.

At the highest level, footwork becomes second-nature, our aim in this section is to fine-tune the most fundamental levels of footwork to ensure that the physics are in your favour.

The guides will bring you on a journey to rediscover and further optimize your footwork so that you will improve your gameplay economy and thus your mileage.

Advanced Badminton Physical Conditioning is all about priming the physical body for competition. Here we will go into great detail onto the periodization of training, and the theories behind the growth and progress.

Our aim for the following guides is to have you know how to be at your best when you need to be at your best.

The advanced technical guide progresses into optimizing your badminton techniques. At this level, most players would have experienced the unlimited variations in of a single technique where the small details of a particular technique will make all the difference at the highest level.

A detailed analysis of the necessary components in a technique will guide players in their progress towards selecting the right execution method of a technique that will best suit their strategy and purpose.

At the highest level of badminton strategy, we guide begin to guide our players in the realm of sport psychology and competition strategy, where every little bit counts.

We also bring world level playing strategies that are used by players all over the world, where only readers with years of badminton experience are able to comprehend and contemplate.

Our guides will provide a framework upon in which individuals can use to expand their strategy, making you an effective master strategist, able to adapt to unexpected situations and come out victorious.


Here we go into great detail on equipment technology, to help you understand what the manufacturers hope to achieve with their technology. Equipping yourself with the depth of knowledge as to how technology is leveraged upon will give you that added edge in pushing your opponents off the centre stage.

Coming Soon!

Specialization is only recommended at the highest level. With guidance from world-class badminton players, we discuss the tailoring of physical, technical and strategic programs towards perfecting a single craft at the highest level.

Coming Soon!

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