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The ONLY Type of Warm Up You Should Be Doing In Badminton

Warm Up for Badminton!

Trying to get in the zone but having difficulty getting those cold bones warm? Your warm up routine may be detrimental to your performance in badminton! In this article, we will guide you along in the only kind of warmup that you should be doing to prepare for badminton!

Research has shown that dynamic warm ups are the best way to prepare the body for physical activity/workouts such as Badminton! Dynamic stretches ease the muscles and joints into flexibility through a particular motion, while also increasing your heart rate and body temperature, effectively preparing you for the game.

Badminton, which uses many major muscles groups such as the calves, quadriceps, biceps, chest, forearms and shoulders, require players to have an extensive warm up routine to prevent injury and boost performance. Reducing muscle stiffness before exercise has be proven to reduce the risk of the dreaded overuse injury. Dynamic stretching is ideal warm up prior to Badminton to prepare the joints for movement and muscles for optimal activation.

What you Absolutely should not be doing to warm-up for Badminton

Static Stretching

1. Static Stretches

Static stretches are positions that stretch a joint or a muscle that is minimally challenging. Holding a single stretch or position for durations longer than 15 seconds is considered a static stretch.

Research has shown static stretching may actually inhibit the muscle’s ability to fire. reducing muscle power and torque by about 5-7%. The focus of static stretching is on relaxing the body part being stretched and letting it go further on its own. It is a great way to increase flexibility in the tissue that would be suitable for recovery and cooldowns, not a warm up!

That is it for our warm-up guide today! Hope you have learnt how to keep yourself safe while preparing yourself effectively for Badminton! For more informative guides such as these, check out our youtube channel here!

Until next time!

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