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Do you prefer complete privacy and the full attention of our passionate coaches?

Are you looking for badminton coaching for beginners? Private badminton coaching will ensure a solid foundation right from the start and accelerate your progress.

Looking for rapid improvement from an intermediate level to become an advanced player? Or do you need intensive training for an upcoming competition you want to win? Private training with our talented coaches is perfect for you. They have performed at the highest levels nationally and are passionate about developing the potential in others.

We believe that everyone is talented in different ways, and our BG Academy System™ will develop your full potential.

Want free tips and tutorials to get that extra edge in your badminton skills? Check out our entertaining YouTube Channel now! 

We exist to ignite the passion for badminton in all. Learn more about Why Are We Here.


Flexible Timings and Locations


Do you have a preferred location? Perhaps at your clubhouse or condominium? We can go to you. Have a tight schedule as well? Tell us a time most convenient for you.

Our private badminton coaching services offer full flexibility for your convenience. 


Private Badminton Coaching


This was me representing Singapore in the BWF World Junior Championship at Chiba, Japan in 2012

This was me representing Singapore in the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Junior Championship at Chiba, Japan in 2012



Private Badminton Training – Individual


Time Each Session

Fee Schedule

Up to You

(We recommend training for 1.5 to 2 Hours for best results)

120 per 2-Hour session

(60 per Hour)


Private Badminton Training – Private Group


Group Size

Time Each Session

Fee Schedule

Two in a Group Up to You

(We recommend training for 1.5 to 2 Hours for best results)

35 per Hour / Person
Three in a Group 25 per Hour / Person


Don’t you get annoyed when you see a good price and find out later about other fees you have to pay? Registration fees, admin fees, hotel safe fees, charges for warm water, and all you can imagine. We don’t like that too. So at BG Badminton Academy, what you see is all there is. There will be no surprises later.

If you would like to switch to a different coach, simply let us know. We are committed to your satisfaction. 

Contact Us now to discuss your preferences.


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Prefer training in a group? We have group badminton coaching too.

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